About Us

ONE LESS is an environmental campaign dedicated to increasing communal awareness of the consequences resulting from the production of certain textiles, namely organic cotton, and promoting conscious decision making when purchasing clothing. The idea behind ONE LESS originated as a bid for the Design for Change Competition 2011, but is an honest and motivated effort to make a concrete impact in our society. Desensitization to environmental problems is a major concern; change requires the mutual effort of everyone, not just a select few. Therefore the most important factor for change lies in the arousal of action throughout our society. In other words, what is YOUR responsibility as a global citizen?

Why Organic Cotton?

The simple act of purchasing a non-organic cotton shirt also means inadvertently supporting a long production process plagued by environmental abuse. The traditional practice of growing non-organic cotton involves 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides. Mishandling often results in the tricking down of these chemicals through the food chain, poisoning fish in the water, animals on land, entering our meat supplies, until we too are affected. Intense non-organic cotton production can also render arable land infertile. Such production methods are completely unnecessary however. Organic cotton is a much safer option that does not involve the use of pesticides or insecticides. Crop rotation helps maintain soil fertility. It is our duty as global citizens to make changes where possible. The ONE LESS campaign encourages us to make a simple change for world-changing results.

Our Goal

All profits from our sales will be donated to the non-profit organization, Textile Exchange. The international organization is committed to promoting the responsible expansion of textile sustainability worldwide, especially for organic cotton. Further information on the organization’s events and goals can be found on their website http://textileexchange.org/about-us

Video Documenting our Campaign

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